Mission BreifEdit

A rival agent has secretly downloaded a dossier of top secret files from the S.M.A.R.T servers and is about to data link with a satellite. Your Spybot has successfully blocked the data link in mid-transfer. But you've recovered only half of the files. Your task is to recapture the remaining half of the files from the mole agent and reload the complete file back to S.M.A.R.T.

Your best chance to recapture the files is directly in front of the rival agent. Be careful this manoeuvre will also expose you to counter-attack and you'll need to stay actively on your guard after any attempt to capture data. Since your Spybot needs processing time before starting again. Guard your portion of the files carefully and get to the satellite link with the complete dossier. Only then can you successfully upload, protect all the data and complete your mission.


  • Find a clear space for this mission.
  • Place both Spybots near to each other.
  • Tap one Spybot's bumper to begin the mission.
  • In this mission arc lights will indicate the amount of files your Spybot currently holds.
  • Use your controller to manoeuvre your Spybot close enough to your rival in order to capture the missing data files.
  • Once in position press the red button on your controller to begin data capture.
  • The alert light will blink when your Spybot is attempting to process data.

Note: at this time you'll be unable to capture new data. Also you'll be vulnerable to counter-attack during processing time.