Mission BriefEdit

A Spybot is down in the field. An operation to investigate an energy drain has failed and left a Spybot stranded with no power. This is an emergency rescue situation. Your mission is to locate the stranded Spybot and share your energy with it. Boosting it by at least one arc light. But beware the energy drain will also deplete your own reserve. Fortunately, you can recharge at HQ at any time. Do not go below one arc light or you too will become stranded. Use this recharging tactic to lead the stranded Spybot away from the energy drain and back to HQ.


  • Find an open space to attempt this mission.
  • Place the stranded Spybot's controller on the floor and set it to action control mode, this will be your HQ.
  • Place your rescue Spybot close to HQ.
  • Place the stranded Soybot some distance away.
  • Set your rescue Spybot's controller to remote control mode.
  • Press Run (Silver/Pearl Gray Button) on the machines and the alert lights will blink slowly to indicate they are ready.
  • Tap the bumper on the rescue robot to begin.
  • In this mission the arc lights will indicate energy reserves.
  • The alert light will identify the stranded robot.
  • Use your controller to steer the rescue robot over to the stranded robot.
  • Once the two Spybots are close to each other transfer energy using the red button on the controller.
  • When the stranded Spybot is sufficiently recharged it will automatically follow the rescue Spybot.