• Joev14

    Scheduled for release in August 2012

    (Writing in Progress)

    Superphreak stared at her screen as an IM popped up. She watched as text appeared on the screen, it read, “So, I was told to come to you for my training.” Superphreak sighed as she thought, “Another newbie, why do they keep sending them to me?” She typed and said, “Yes, what’s your ID file number?” More text popped up on the screen, “4565801.” She typed in the number into a search engine, and a screen of text popped up, “Agent 4565801, Codename: GammaStrike; was entered into S.M.A.R.T one week ago with a score of 103%.” She rolled her eyes and said, “Another over achiever.” Then she typed up on her screen, “Alright, first piece of business is, you need to select which field you want …

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